Book Review: Witch Ever Way You Look At It

before the second sleep

Witch Ever Way You Look At It

By Jennie Orbell

Sometimes books appear in your midst as if by magic. Or, maybe not magic, though there do seem to be other forces whispering into your ear even when you’d decided you were just window shopping.

witchIn my case recently the voices within had been beckoning to me, because once I’d seen it initially, I never really could forget about it. Aye, I admit it, the cover was the first draw, but why not? It’s a great visual: it’s fun, and sassy and well done. And, of course, the play on words gives a little more insight into the plot.

Ah, no wonder the magic.

Witch Ever Way You Look At It centers on Annie and Lizzie, best friends who are there for each other through thick and thin. One year earlier Lizzie had lost her husband, the love of…

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4 thoughts on “Book Review: Witch Ever Way You Look At It

  1. Excellent review! Wow! And well-deserved. I so enjoyed ‘The Sleeping Field’ – you are such a good writer. And your new covers are beautiful – who did the designs, may I ask?

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  2. You always say the sweetest things, Malla. And, yes, I was quite pleased with the new covers. I think my favourite has to be Mulligan’s Reach . . . but I do love the ‘feel’ and colours of The Sleeping Field. Jessica Bell designed the covers and followed my ‘suggestions’ and ‘imaginings’ to the letter . . . couldn’t have been that easy!!! Thank you again for your nice words xx


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