OK, So I Was A Tad Rude . . .Whatever!


Yesterday I sank to an all-time low – even for me. I’d like to state my case here and have you all say that my actions were well justified but I doubt that you will.

I have been suffering from migraine and visual disturbances since last Friday. Migraine is nothing new to me – I have suffered with it for a large part of my life, but the pattern with this latest attack was different. It hung on . . .  and hung on, one hour lessening . . . the next returning. Intermittently my right eye lost clarity, with flashing silver and black triangles, dancing like manic witches, on the periphery. This has happened 7 times, the seventh time being yesterday morning when I attempted to go to Morrison’s to buy cat food for Chea. Between the ‘chicken with gravy’ and the ‘chicken with jelly,’ my right eye vision started its familiar flashing.

Now, I have my own theory on the cause of all these migraines but no bugger will take me seriously. I truly believe that they are triggered by my 3 degenerative neck discs that have very little of that ‘spongy’ bit separating them now and are aggravating this condition.

So, I decided to call in at the doctors on my way home – that is if I could find my way home with only perfect vision in one eye – and explain this to the doctor and ask to be referred for another neck scan etc. I mean, less face it, no better time than when I’m in the throes of pain and semi blindness, hey?

The receptionist announced that there were no more appointments for that day and if I wanted to see my doctor of choice (brilliant, caring, and wonderful all round, by the way) I could come back next year. Yes, that is a slight exaggeration, but only slight. Had I been able to see the stupid woman I might have been tempted to stick her Biro up her prominent snout, but I was feeling less than confrontational, all things considered.

I felt my way home having settled for a phone call from the doctor – basically to see if I was worthy of being squeezed into his precious day.

After tending the chucks and cleaning the loo, with my mobile strapped to my person so that I didn’t miss the call, I waited . . . and waited.

Eventually the call arrived. It was a nurse. Now, I have nothing against nurses, not at all but . . .

She questioned me, listened, tapped away on the PC (I could hear it distinctly and it hurt my head) and then said, ‘Can you come down now?’

Well, yeah. I could have ‘come down’ two hours ago . . . in fact wasn’t I already there two hours ago, or had I imagined it?

Long story short now. Saw the doctor I had sworn I would never see (by choice) ever again and he insisted it was migraine – nothing to do with my neck – didn’t matter that the ‘pattern’ was totally different – no he couldn’t ‘do’ a referral, not unless ‘he’ thought there was a problem with my neck – no my neck would not cause this.

He struggled to realise that I’ve tried every medication on this planet over the years and nothing works. Medication makes me worse. I’m sensitive. Side affects almost kill me. However, he decided in his infinite wisdom that I should try a different ‘variation’ of a drug previously taken and printed off a prescription. He said, ‘Take one of these – see if they work.’

‘And if they don’t?’ I said.

‘Come back because it isn’t migraine.’


For the first time in my life I was rude, snatching up the damn thing and stropping off to the door.

‘Well, bye then,’ he said.

I didn’t answer.

As you can see this is very unlike me. Usually I’m charming, cheerful and hugely polite. I blame it on my brain. But there was more to come.

I walked into the pharmacy next door and the lovely assistant, who always seems to remember my name, said, ‘Hello, are you alright?’

She really should not have asked.

‘NO!’ I said, snatching her pen and filling in my name on the back of the prescription. ‘That lot are useless.’ I nodded in the direction of the surgery, next door. And then I said it . . . ‘Fucking useless!’

She didn’t look too distressed . . . or surprised and said, ‘Yes, we do hear that from time to time.’

‘Bastard!’ I said. ‘Useless bastards.’

We chatted for a bit and then I released her and took a seat . . . for 20 seconds. The other assistant called my name and I navigated my way to the counter. She fluttered the prescription in her hand and said, ‘Sorry, we don’t have these. We can get them for tomorrow?’

My first assistant screeched, ‘Oh, God, no, don’t tell her that!’

I simply held up my palms to the heavens and said calmly and with a bit of a snort, ‘Don’t worry. I’ll just drop down dead and save everyone any further trouble.’ I can do drama when required.

She looked worried . . . but then I laughed – well, snorted really. My vision had returned, some of my good humour – though I did hurl out mumbled curses into the ether as I walked back to the car, determined to fondle my voodoo doll on my return and twist a leg or two. Maybe even bang its head against the wall?  My imagination had no limit.

Someone once asked me if ‘they’ were in my novel. I replied, ‘Why would you be? I only write about interesting characters.’ In fact, I have never fashioned a fictional character on a real character but this may change.

I may include this ‘doctor’ in my next novel. He will be the character that dies a slow and painful death after having his ‘bits’ stung by a thousand bees. There will be a life-saving prescription on hand but, sadly, the pharmacy will have to order it in. Alas too late to save him. Oh, and perhaps a slight sting to his right eye?

Hell hath no fury like a migraine victim scorned . . . trust me on this one.

I’m off. Shouldn’t be looking at this bright screen!

And besides, I have to pick up the prescription that I won’t be taking.

Take care my lovelies x

PS A huge welcome to new blog followers! Thank you x




25 thoughts on “OK, So I Was A Tad Rude . . .Whatever!

  1. You Gail, gave the right if it. Most doctors these days, don’t give a toss. Standard laid-down medication, don’t worry if it does not suit you, in partucular. You’re just another number that feeds their bank accounts. Where is the caring now? Why is the ‘try to see uf what you are suffering is totally differnt to most other patients,see if they can investigate some other form of treatment, not generally orescribed for your ailment that might work better than what the NHS gives to most other sufferers. You and dgter are in full agreement here.
    Hugs xxxx Evelyn

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  2. I’ve ‘liked’ this but really I’m very unhappy. Is this your British NHS that we hear so much about – and never any of it good? My honest opinion is that this is unlikely to be a ‘simple’ migraine because of its coming and going. These are sometimes called ‘cluster headaches’ and are invariably caused by both physical tension and emotional stress combination. Sound right? If you are tense then of course, your neck is going to be affected – and if your neck is already compromised by a degenerative condition then, yes, it can certainly add to your pain. I would see a private specialist – that is all I can say. Otherwise, you could try a mild calming/relaxant tablet at bedtime – maybe something simple off the shelf might be fine – for two weeks. Try an anti-infammatory gel such as Voltarin or suchlike and rub / gently massage on your neck and temples and across the back of the head behind the ears – three times a day. Also maybe look at getting a new/more comfortable and supportive pillow.
    I used to suffer with this sort of thing many years ago but it seems to have improved since I took up regular exercising. But I would recommend you see a better doctor than the one described. Really, I feel that is rather important.
    Good luck – and keep us posted.

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  3. When I started reading your reply, Malla, I thought you were going to tell me off for swearing?!! 😀 Thank you for your advice. I already have a ‘special’ pillow. It has springs, a little like a mattress, and supports really well and at the right height. It has to go everywhere with me – if we have a night out anywhere, or a holiday. And I can’t use gels as they are known migraine triggers. However, I find it encouraging that you agree with the ‘tension/ neck’ theory and hadn’t considered a mild night-time relaxant. The doctor has, in the past, prescribed amitriptilene (probably spelt wrong) but it gives me horrible side effects and doesn’t help anyway. Another point you make, and one with which I agree. is exercise. I’ve recently started watching way too many ‘series’ and spending several hours in front of the TV at a time really causes my neck to stiffen so I’ve now started walking again. And, finally, yes, I will see another doctor and also consider overriding the NHS. Thank you so much for your help and for taking the time to offer it. xx


  4. Malla, our NHS used to be good. Unfortunately, mor people come into the country and doctirs are now overwhelmed, what with all the extra paperwork etc., etc.m. They simply cannot cope. Especially where I live in Greater Kondin, four miles from London Airport wher people comein off the aircraft, say they arill and get free treatment for nothing, using beds, medication, nursevs and equipment. Dictirs and staff at my local hospital are overwhelmed and overworked trying to cope. I have,amongs other things, a slipped disc. At first I got epidural every 7 months this had now got to over 12 months each one due to too mny people needing treatment. They cannot cope.

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  5. Jennie…have you seen a good /qualified/ chiroprator about your neck? The reason I ask is because mine has treated various family and friends for migrains triggered by neck problems. I know chiropractic is still poo pooed by many doctors but I’m proof it does work. Whatever you do though, I hope you feel better soon.


    • Aww thank you . . .and yes I have had many sessions with a very good Chiro but I struggle to get anyone in the ‘medical’ profession to agree that it’s my neck causing a lot of the trouble. I KNOW it is. I won’t pretend that ALL migraines are caused by my neck issues because I can pinpoint them to other triggers . . .stress, excitement, being over tired, spending too long on the PC, just to name a few, without going into all the ‘food’ and normal ‘out there’ everyday triggers.But this latest session is different, initiated after I’d stood at the window leaning on the ledge. I straightened up and that was that – flashing lights and the aura’s began. This has happened in the past, usually out in the garden when I’ve bent down and then straightened up. Also, I’ve noticed that after previous manipulation on my neck (chiro) it has brought on a migraine! I think I have to go back to the chiro and seek her opinion? If the condition doesn’t improve I shall plonk myself in A and E and take it from there! Thank you for your suggestion/opinion – most kind xxx PS I find it very reassuring that you say family/friends have been treated for similar. So I’m not mad then and imagining it all?


  6. I wish I could find something positive to say, but sorry to say I cannot. What you say is so depressingly familiar… I was in terrible pain for over twenty years with spine problems before it was finally spotted and treated. I know the medical profession is overworked, but this doesn’t excuse the way they refuse to listen to us. We know our bodies better than they do, after all…
    Hope you find some relief somewhere…

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    • Thank you. I think that’s the most annoying bit. They hear the words ‘visual aura and migraine,’ and instantly dish-out a sodding prescription with no thought or concern that the said prescription might actually make you worse. THEY DON’T LISTEN! I’d like to use the W word here, the one that rhymes with tank and ends in ers – but I won’t. I’ll never go to heaven at this rate!

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  7. I’m so thankful I fell in with a doctor that ‘gets’ me … most of ’em have a panic attack if they have to do more than write a prescription, and heaven forbid the patient be more well read on their own dis’eases than the doctor … occasional migraine sufferer here, so I feel for you being out in the world trying to engage with ijits.

    Glad you feeling better. 🙂

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    • Once, a long, long time ago, I had a doctor who was writing out a prescription within two minutes of my bum settling on the chair at the side of him! Thank the lord he is long gone. I saw him once, in the supermarket, and he looked like death. I won’t say it pleased me because I’m not vindictive by nature. Oh, hang on, let me rethink that . . . 😀 Lovely to hear from you x


  8. Sadly I’m not at all surprised by your post Gail. As you can see from my latest post, we had similar fob offs from doctors in respect of Middle Mudlets’ knee for years, until we happened upon the right doctor. Now we’re getting somewhere. Hope your regular doctor can get you sorted long term and soon xx

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    • Actually, Elaine, I haven’t seen – from your latest post – the problems you are having with the medical profession because no one else’s blog posts come through to me now as notifications, and I still can’t leave comments! Today . . . as long as I can see straight, I will contact the powers that be and sort this problem out once and for all. If you remember we had this problem some time ago and I thought it was rectified and that you weren’t posting . . . this, however, would not be the reason why I type a comment on people’s blogs and then get the bloody irritating ‘flash-up’ “Sorry you are unable to leave this comment.” So . . . I will see if I can sort it 😀 xx


  9. I’m so sorry to read about how much you’re suffering with this.
    The daft thing is that it would save the doctor (and you!) a huge amount of time if they actually helped to diagnose what was wrong, as you would be traipsing off to the surgery less often!
    I do hope you’ve managed to see your regular doctor by now, and that they’ve been their usual helpful self.
    (Ps was it wrong of me to raise a small smile at your altercation in the chemists…? ;)) xx


    • Nah, it wasn’t wrong at all Jen. I even raised a smile myself but I think it was one of irony and acceptance that right now the heavens above and the ‘master’ are just not on my side. I think it might have been different if I had any intention of taking the drug or that it was needed to save my life within the next few hours. I’m treading water now and seeing ‘how I go.’ And also attempting to get my eating habits back to my normal eating habits – no Christmas shit that I don’t usually eat and shouldn’t eat – When the next attack arrives I shall most likely take myself to A and E and chain myself to a trolley in the corridor (along with everyone else waiting on trolleys in the corridor) and refuse to leave. This tactic appeared to work when I threatened to do this in a furniture store unless they sorted out my problem – which they did! So, another dollar, another day. Bring it on, hey? 😀 xx


  10. Hope it’s all okay now Gail. Yes, doctor’s receptionists sometimes think they are gods, always imagine them sucking up to the docs and jeering at patients, with the docs treating them like dirt. I phoned the NHS direct line when I had flashing lights in late evening. They phoned back and said it could be a detached retina, but that everywhere was closed – go at 9 in morning to local eye unit in big hospital. Still all okay in the end


  11. That’s disgusting Geoff! I had the same thing a year ago and they ‘pulled out their finger’ and saw me, with a full eye examination, on the same day. They said if I get ‘certain’ symptoms to go to A and E immediately, regardless of time, day or night. Mine turned out to be a breakdown of the ‘spongy’ bit in the eye and it was letting light in. My recent problem continues to go from bad to worse. Spent Friday in the emergency eye clinic at the hospital. My blood pressure is really through the roof and I have had to start beta blockers to try to bring it down. I find people at most levels unconcerned and pretty useless tbh. I have scoured the internet and believe it or not come up with what I consider to be the problem – retinal migraine! The symptoms fit and the triggers are there too. I’ve just printed off the information to take to the Dr tomorrow. I’m sure he will be most impressed – NOT. But then, I don’t expect to have to diagnose myself via the internet! Unfortunately there is no cure but they do say high blood pressure can be a trigger so I’ll continue with the medication and take it from there. Mind, I’ve been prescribed 3 a day and when I took my blood pressure it had plummeted to dangerously low. I have taken it upon myself to reduce the dosage to 2 a day and I’m holding steady now at an acceptable reading. Don’t suppose the Dr will be impressed with that either! Hope you are well my friend and always nice to hear from you xxx 😀


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