Hopefully I’m Back?

Well, it’s been a while. In fact, a long, long while.

I haven’t blogged/posted/or pretty much anything else since middle January.

For those of you who read this blog, or vaguely keep up with my antics, you will know that back in January I was over taken, or taken over, by serious sessions of vision loss and migraines. These resulted in medication and arguments with the entire medical profession, which, in turn, resulted with me being whisked into A and E, where we spent 13 hours one Saturday morning in February.

Richard was his usual helpful self. After being instructed to call an ambulance immediately after I almost nosed-dived onto the kitchen floor, he said, ‘Do you really want an ambulance pulling up at the front of the house?’

I couldn’t follow his reasoning, but then what’s new. Not being able to stand, or see clearly, I didn’t argue against this comment. See? That’s how ill I was! ‘I’d much rather take you in the car,’ he said. So he did.

I had bloods taken – normal. I had a brain scan – normal. I know, bloody amazing hey? We left around 11.00 pm that night. They gave me a choice of staying in overnight or coming back the following day to see a neurologist. I went home.

Mustering up a fair degree of excitement we toddled back to A and E the following morning to see the neurologist. Great. Now something would be done. Wrong.

I was grilled by a first year doctor. She then scuttled off to report back to the registrar. He then scuttled off to report back to the neurologist. God was not prepared to speak face to face to a mere mortal. Probably scared to leave his throne?

Well, my dears, I might have been half-blind, with a pain to my eye socket like someone had plunged a knife into it, but I wasn’t having that. If I could turn up so could he. Without the likes of me he wouldn’t even have a job!

I’ll cut to the chase. He DID turn up (with a hugely grumpy expression on his face, clutching his stethoscope like a comfort blanket) and said something along the lines of, ‘I’m sure you have migraine, I don’t need to examine you, but I will.’

I said something along the lines of, ‘Well don’t bother then!’

He said, ‘I have to now that I’m here.’

Perish the thought that he should earn his keep. Perhaps I’m being hard but bear in mind I was very ill and we had spent almost 20 hours in A and E over the two days. Where, by the way, it transpired that we both picked up a dreadful virus that flattened us both for a fortnight!

Grumpy’s decision? Migraine. Normal migraine and retinal migraine. Lucky me –  two for the price of one. It’s the retinal migraine that causes me to lose my vision in my right eye up to four times a day – 5 days out of 7.

This continued (for 10 weeks) until recently. I have JUST managed 21 days without visual disturbance. I know it hasn’t miraculously gone away and I am sure it will return, but 21 days is terrific . . . truly.

I couldn’t look at the PC or the TV. Or go from one room into the other where light patterns changed. I still can’t cope with the sun without shades, or drive the car, or watch too much TV, or scroll on the PC. My eyes can’t keep up with the movement.

So, I’m being good, reminding myself constantly that small measures and short moments doing these things that I love will have to do – for now. I’m still half brain-dead from the medication but this is one of the crosses that I have to bear.

I’m going to end now because, believe it or not, I shy away from  posts/blogs etc. where they bleat on about pain in the big toe and boils on the bum but I merely wanted to put in an appearance and let you know that, hopefully, I’m back.

I do have a couple of things to tell you next time but for now it’s enough . . . for both of us!

Take care xMP900446574


27 thoughts on “Hopefully I’m Back?

    • Thank you xx They make me so mad to be honest. I think it makes matters worse if you have half a brain cell, understand your own body, and question them? They are happiest with Joe Public who just nods, believes everything they say, takes the meds’ – whether said meds’ agree with them or not – and fades away quietly into the distance! 😀


  1. Wondered where you’d gone Gail, and I have missed you. Let’s hope you’ll be fighting fit very soon, and so sorry you’ve been so ill. I know nothing about migraine except that it must be truly awful

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I did let it get me down Geoff, if I’m honest, but I couldn’t even bend down and straighten up without my vision going. I know it will be back but for now I am grateful for the respite. . . and of course no writing/illustrating done! Nice to hear from you xxx


  3. Good to hear from you! Bad to hear what you’ve been going through. So, so sorry. That’s sounds really grim. I hope they have some solutions for you. But can they (or do they bother) find the reasons for this condition – why and how it has developed. Because that would be a way to fixing it rather than just taking medication. I wish you all good thoughts in healing very, very soon.

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    • Thank you Malla. Apparently there are no answers other than just the usual ‘migraine’ triggers which are anything and everything – apparently. Irritation of the vascular system, so I’m told! So, I’ll just see how I go and reintroduce things back into my daily life gradually. I fear writing is a no no for now. 😦


  4. Welcome back – have missed your musings! I’m sorry you’ve been so poorly – it must be hell going though all that and effectively just being told by the docs to chuff off and take your meds, whether they agree with you or not. 21 days of vision is a great feat in the circumstances – small steps eh. You take care xx

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