Look Through Any Window?

So, this is how it went . . .

Me. “Richard, could you look at this booking form that I’ve downloaded because to me it doesn’t make any kind of sense.”

Richard. “Where is it?”

I stayed calm.

“Here, on my laptop.”


Me. “All you have to do is scroll down – once.”

Him. “Do you mean scroll up?”

Me. “No . . . I mean scroll down.”

“Well, can you pass the laptop along the table?”

I slid said laptop along the table and watched as he peered at the screen . . . and peered at the screen. I propped my head up by the palm of my hand, elbow resting on the table and gave him time to evaluate. You see, to be perfectly honest, while Richard falls down in many areas, where ‘forms’ are concerned he is quite good. This is because I read the first line, fill it in and then halfway down realise I’ve done it wrong. HE reads the whole thing three times, digests it, and THEN fills it in. So I waited . . .

Eventually I glanced over. The screen had a weird navy blue box across it and Richard squeaked, “I can’t get rid of this.”

Me. “What is it? All you had to do was scroll down. What have you touched?”

Him. “Nothing.”

I swung the laptop my way and there is was . . . bloody Windows 10 downloading!

‘What the *uc* have you touched? (yes, I used the F word) you only had to scroll down?”

I grabbed the laptop and banged and crashed every button in sight, trying to stop it, whilst screaming (yes, screaming) “It’s asked me a million times to upgrade to this shit and I DON’T WANT IT!”

You see, I’ve seen and heard so many bad things about Windows 10 that I just didn’t want the hassle. I was happy with Windows 8 and even THAT had taken a bit of getting used to.

I couldn’t stop it. It was a runaway train crashing down the track. So I waited . . . for what seemed like a day but was, in fact, probably 45 minutes, for the frigging thing to download. I then proceeded, huffing and puffing and cussing and swearing, to follow the on-screen instructions to set the bloody thing up. Yes, I know that you can uninstall these things but I also understand that it is more often than not that ‘bits’ get left behind. I’m sure there’s a technical term for it but bits will have to do.

At this point Richard wasn’t speaking, in fact, the poor sod was hardly daring to breathe. I’m such a tyrant – obviously. But tell me . . . what idiot scrolls down (or up) and download’s a whole new system?

However – I have to admit to you, and not to Richard, obviously, that I’ve continued using the laptop (with Windows 10) and the bits that I’ve used are not much different so . . . I’ll keep it.

I think it’s a bit like stepping outside of your  ‘what’s familiar zone?’ I’ve done this recently in another area too. I’ve never been drawn to watching ‘blood and guts’ stuff, especially the kind where it is done for effect and has a crap storyline but I can now admit to having stepped away from the normal and having watched Breaking Bad, Dexter, and we are just coming to the end of the sixth Walking Dead season – and I loved them all. Not my genre? Not my thing? In fact they are, so I will adopt the same attitude and give Windows 10 a whack.  Probably literally? But we will see.MB900440679

Take care x

16 thoughts on “Look Through Any Window?

  1. Yes, exactly. and that is why I went ballistic. I’d avoided it up until that point. I might get on with it OK because my computer ‘needs’ are very basic. The most complicated I get is using Word, Powerpoint, Publisher, the social sites and that’s about it. But if I get the merest hint that it’s playing up it’s being uninstalled pronto! xx 😀


  2. I’m surprised Richard’s still breathing, but you have proved yourself to be uber tolerant over the years. Good for you for persevering though, (with Windows 10) I probably should do it too, so keep us up to date of any drawbacks (or advantages) that you come across?


    • Frankly, I’M surprised that Richard’s still breathing. Honestly and truly I was REALLY mad. The Windows 10 reminder kept coming up and I kept clicking on ‘no I don’t bloody want it – so go and do one,’ or words to that effect and then, within ten seconds, Richard is downloading it! Tut! Ironically, it seems pretty straightforward – unless I haven’t got to the complicated bits yet? xxx

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  3. Poor Richard. Windows 10 knew you were not using the laptop and pounced. A typical evil trick between a lap top and a computer programme. Happens all the time…I hope he’s safe.
    (My own experience was slightly different my last lap top under the guise of feigning a faulty hard drive refused to download any upgrade; which some might think a good thing, but then it started to refuse to do a whole lot more- like pretending it had never heard of any sort of search engine)


  4. Lol, we’re a Windows 10 household now. When Mud first had dealings with it late last year, it was a nightmare and he wondered what on earth he had signed up to but now, several updates later, it’s pretty good. So rest assured Gail, your world won’t coming tumbling down around your ears in a W10 induced Armageddon, I promise 😉 x


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