Sane Dogs And Mad Englishmen

So . . . we were driving back from somewhere the other day and there, as we navigated a bend on a country road, coming towards us on the opposite side was . . . another one!

Immediately, the non-canine person might be forgiven for thinking, ‘Oh, how cute. Look at the sweet little doggie running along at the side of its owner. The doggie is almost going as fast as the mobility scooter.’

Yep, that’s it. A rare, hot, sunny day in good old Leicestershire and Mr Idiot is letting his dog gallop along on the verge at the side of his mobility scooter. Mr Idiot is loving the boiling hot midday sun because Mr Idiot is wearing shorts and a sleeveless vest and the speed at which he is going is wafting a lovely warm breeze across his face.

Now let’s pan to Mr Idiot’s dog.

Buster isn’t doing quite as well. Not enjoying it quite as much. Why? Because the fricking dog is wearing a fur coat! With tongue lolling, almost to the point of tripping him up, Buster is doing his best to keep up. Truth be known the poor dog probably thinks he’s enjoying it.

This, frankly, sends me into orbit.

Why do people do it?


It’s cruel.

Have they ever seen a dog die of heat stroke and/or exhaustion? I have and it isn’t pretty – or necessary.

If it’s too hot for YOU to gallop along a grass verge, or a pavement in the midday sun wearing a fur coat, then it’s too hot for the DOG. Duh!

And I won’t even start on dogs left in cars.

Well, actually, I might. Not exactly on dogs left in cars, because everyone should be aware of that major shitty act, but on dogs carried in hatchbacks – you know – the space behind the backseat. It seems safe enough – but trust me, it isn’t.

We were on our way to the coast once and we passed an elderly couple, pulled over into the layby, struggling to get their collapsed chocolate Labrador out of the back space in the car. The dog’s head lolled as they lifted it. These people had probably, in all innocence, travelled with their beloved pet safe in the ample luggage space, and even had the car windows slightly open, but the hot sun through the back window had taken its toll. It would have been like sitting in a greenhouse.

I have to admit to feeling a tad sorry for them because it could well have been an innocent mistake. It ruined my holiday and the memory and vision of that dog, head hanging, unconscious or dead, haunts me to this day. I like to think that it was merely unconscious, that they got it to a vet in time, and that all was well, but I might be viewing the episode through rose-tinted glasses. Being an ex veterinary surgeon’s wife I tend to recognise death when I see it.

So that’s my moan. My rant. My pet peeve . . . literally.

I apologise if this offends anyone but, sorry, you will have to remain offended. This matters. Our pets deserve not to suffer at the hands of ignorance. There is no reason why dogs can’t be walked in the cool of the early morning or evening. They don’t need to be galloped at midday.

I have already seen three posts on Facebook this month where dead dogs have been taken from cars, and today a post where a woman was dragging her dead dog through the streets of London. I don’t know the details of that one so I will say no more . . .

This year I shall keep the R.S.P.C.A on speed dial . . . though, they might not be all they are cracked-up to be at times?

Take care xx

P.S. I do NOT have a problem with people who rely on mobility scooters to get around – at least, not genuine cases. In fact, a very nice man drives past my house now and then with his Yorkshire terrier – IN THE BASKET. 071

15 thoughts on “Sane Dogs And Mad Englishmen

  1. Hello Gail, poor dogs, I never realised. I only know about cats. They tend to refuse to do anything they don’t want to do, which makes a lot of sense. I suppose dogs do anything to please their owners

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    • Yep, clip on a lead and the human has a captive audience, Geoff. I’ve been grooming the undercoat out of Chea this week – so much – at least she is as cool as she can be now and fortunately she LOVES being groomed. Hope you are well, lovely to hear from you. xxx

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  2. My cat Andrew is quite a lot like a dog – I’ll email a pic of him. Looks quite a bit like Chea, but he’s Tonkinese – half Burmese half Siamese, with a very strong voice!


    • Andrew!!! Andrew!!! He’s a new boy? OH LORD anything with Burmese/Siamese sings VERY loudly!!!! Oscar (pre Chea – Burmese) could have won X Factor with his loud singing! Picture please xxx


  3. A good post, until you put it that way I could fell have fallen for the ‘awww’ trap.
    Thanks for the education; that’s what a truly good rant is all about.

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  4. With you all the way. I have reported distressed dogs in cars so many times over the years. And the latest stupidity of cycling/ mobile scooters/ even running with a dog panting alongside is beyond comprehension. I asked one mobile scooter chap why hadn’t he got a thick coat on, one day. His reply “it’s too hot.’ I answered, “bet your dog feels the same.” He looked at me blank!

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  5. And that, Judith, is the biggest part of the problem, isn’t it? Ignorance. It just doesn’t register with them. I know how sitting in a hot car or rushing around in the hot sun makes me feel and I’m not wearing a fur coat! And then there are the poor dogs that aren’t groomed properly and build up masses of heat trapping undercoat. I’d better stop now or it’ll be another rant of 600 words! Thank you for your comment xx 😀

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