Just When You Thought I’d Gone Forever!

Gosh! To say I haven’t been around is blatantly stating the flipping obvious. In fact, I wasn’t sure WordPress would let me back in. I had to enter all my details again – after I’d hunted down the notebook that I keep all the details in! Yes, I know, I should assign them to memory. Fat chance equalled only by no chance. So, I hear you ask (well, I can hear one person ask – possibly) I’ve been to the wood.

Shortly before I  departed I told you that I’d bought a couple of acres of traumatised woodland? Very old, neglected, partly rotten, woodland? Yes? Good. Well, that’s where I’ve been mainly. Couldn’t possibly divulge other activities.

The wood, named Griddies Copse (grand kiddies = griddies) seemed like an instant joy back in May when we became legal owners of said wood. Unfortunately we also became the legal owners of a rabid swarm of female mosquitoes. Blood sucking little shits that brought everyone out in a boiling, itchy rash. Being the smart arse that I am I soon sourced Jungle Spray and the equivalent by the lorry load, and sprayed . . .  and sprayed as soon as my feet exited the car. Great idea. Except the Jungle Spray brought on migraine.

We battled with the little darlings all summer and then breathed sighs of relief when September dawned and they disappeared.

This ran hand-in-hand with a plaque of frogs. They have also taken to the undergrowth now.

Then came the squirrels.

These were no ordinary squirrels. Oh, there might have been the odd one with a normal squirrels I.Q. but the leader of the pack was, and is, a clever little critter. He can remove, take down and sod off with, a whole jar of peanut butter. No jar was ever found. He is also a mechanic and can under screws (again with no sign of the missing screws) and free a whole feeder, full of peanuts. He can bite through feeding tubes as easily as he can gnaw through chain. This is no ordinary squirrel. This is super squirrel with a Philips screw driver.

I swear that I won’t be outwitted by a squirrel, but for this to be true I will have to up my game.

I thought I would love the wood in summer but now that the leaves are on the ground, the morning air is crisp and frosty and the wood smoke drifts lazily, I think I love the autumn/winter more? We will see. We haven’t had it for a whole year yet. We haven’t seen it in every season. The wildlife IS returning. There are tits, nuthatches, woodpeckers, robins – and even a visiting pheasant. We sometimes see a flash of brown in the undergrowth as the muntjac visits.

I’m loving the experience. I’m loving the wildlife. I’m loving the peace and tranquillity. I love the wood. I hear its heartbeat.

Sooooo, when I’m not there I’m sourcing wood for my Woodland Crafts. What, I hear you ask? Woodland Crafts I said. And here’s the thing. I have even figured out how to concoct a Woodland Crafts page on Facebook. Obviously I’m going to give you the link (it might work but I won’t hold my breath) and if you like you could pop over there and take a look. Leave a ‘like’ if you do. Say nothing if you don’t. I’m sensitive – I’ll cry.

Here’s a picture of the ‘winter’ wood with the smoke drifting. It is also the banner for my Woodland Crafts page. OK, enough. I won’t say the words again – for now.