Busy, Busy, Busy . . . Not Expired!

O.K. first things first . . . I’m not dead. This news will either be met with whoops of joy or total indifference, I suspect the later.

So, where have I been? Nowhere really. Just around and about doing my own thing.

To be honest that probably isn’t honest, you see, I think my ‘hermit’ tendencies are now running parallel with my ‘can’t-really-be-bothered-to-do-anything-that-I-don’t-want-to-do-just-to-please-people-that-don’t-warrant-it.’ So I’ve been doing anything and everything that I WANT to do, and although there were quite a few odd moments when I thought about bashing out another blog something else always got in the way.

Health issues have been at the top of my agenda – well, they are aren’t they, once you step over the line into ‘a certain age?’

I don’t think it helps that I won’t give in to them (health issues) or accept that I’ve crossed over that line into a ‘certain age?’

I’d list my health issues but I’m trying to keep this blog under 20,000 words!

I’ll move on.

So what do I do all day . . . besides Netflix? That’s a joke by the way . . . kinda! Well, I don’t write novels anymore . . . the retinal migraines put paid to that, (see how a ‘health issue sneaked in under the radar there?) but I do other things.

Remember I told you about the small woodland we bought two years ago this May, well that takes up a considerable amount of my time, and rightly so. We have titivated and tidied, erected insect hides, bird nesting boxes, bird feeders (18 to date) and loads of other stuff too numerous to mention, and it has been great. Wildlife has returned. We now have woodpeckers, tits of all kinds, squirrels, muntjac, squirrels, nuthatches, squirrels, foxes, pheasants, wrens, robins, a rabbit (only ever seen one) hares and did I mention the bloody squirrels!!! Such little sods. They carry screw drivers and wire cutters and take down the bird feeders, most of them never to be seen again. It’s an ongoing war with them. I’ve made it my life’s work to outsmart them – the jury’s still out on who’s ahead to date! If I had to hazard a guess I’d say 70/30 . . . in their favour. I do know one thing – after all the food they’ve scoffed over the winter their dreys will be bursting with squirrel babies this year and I’ll need even more bird-feeding stations!

Then there are the craft fairs.

I make all things rustic from the fallen, and trimmed wood – fairy houses, fat ball feeders, other very clever things (?) and toddle off to craft fairs with them. The money I make goes back into supporting the wildlife. Can you imagine how much it costs to fill 14 bird feeders and 4 bird tables? So if anyone wishes to make a donation into my PayPal account go right ahead? Actually, I’ve had a break from the fairs since Christmas but they are starting up again now and in fact I did my first one of the year last weekend










Also . . . my first love – the garden.

Spring has almost sprung and I’ve already got the garden and greenhouse in good order. Green things are springing up everywhere and today I actually SAT in the garden for one whole hour! A bloody miracle for me. You see, I love it but I always find something to do and can never sit still for a minute. I watched the birds coming and going. We have a wren nesting in the recently trimmed conifer. She makes one hell of a noise when Chea (kitty) is around. She really needs to be a bit more discreet – the wren not Chea.







So there you go. The wood, the garden, making the wooden things and the craft fairs. Oh! And I’ve just dug out my sewing machine and I’m having a bash at dressmaking – though they aren’t dresses that I’m making, they are tops. That’s going O.K. except for the first top looking like it would fit an elephant. I cast it to the back of the wardrobe telling myself I could wear it in the garden but then, being O.C.D and knowing it was stuck there, imperfect and as a constant reminder that it was wrong, I retrieved it and altered it. Now it would fit a hippo, so job well done, hey?

I’ll toddle off now . . .  you can probably only digest so much crap in one sitting?

I’ll catch you soon – I’ll add blogging to my nice list of things to do . . . possibly.

Take care lovelies x

If you’d like to take a look at my Woodland Crafts Page over on Facebook, and possible give it a like, a share or whatever, it would please the squirrels no end! (and me) xx




19 thoughts on “Busy, Busy, Busy . . . Not Expired!

  1. Hello Gail, how nice to hear from you again, really have missed you. How is Richard’s health – he had an accident last time you wrote. Does he still have the wonderful Land Rover? XXX

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    • I really didn’t think anyone would see this blog Geoffrey, it’s been almost a year but lovely to hear from you. Richard is fine – well, as fine as he ever is – he’s a bloke after all! He certainly does still have the Land Rover and will to his dying day. It had a few issues and belched out fumes into the cab, so I had to wear a face mask to prevent the fumes giving me migraine! That has been sorted now and the dear thing is actually worth its weight in gold for carrying logs back from the wood. It is now 48 years old! It takes us 30 minutes to get to the wood in the car and 55 minutes in the Land Rover but with a hot water bottle on my knee and a mug of tea it’s quite an adventure . . a noisy one, but an adventure all the same. And another plus is that we can drive it right into the wood. Ooops sorry, I’ve written another blog. xxx

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  2. So glad to hear from you again. Jennie. And that you are determinedly enjoying life, post writing! I had the sneaky feeling there was something else in life and you have just proved it. I know writing is difficult for you, but the odd post is always welcome!

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    • Something tells me it’s never the same one Tina, though to be honest there are very few rabbit droppings to be seen. Perhaps the foxes that I’m encouraging have seen them off – I hope not? 😦


  3. Oh dear! I’ve recently bought a video camera for the wood and made the mistake of pointing it towards the bird feeders. It made interesting viewing . . . NOT. Squirrel after squirrel after squirrel. I think those in the wood want to be movie stars!! 😀

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  4. There you are!!! 🙂 … sorry to hear about your writing, but it certainly hasn’t slowed you down. A post every now and then would be a treat, especially with lots of photos of your plot and its denizens. 😀

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  5. Good to hear from you again, Jenny. I do always love your blogs. And love hearing about your woodland. I’m going to come back in my second life as a squirrel in your woodland – must be squirrel heaven for them. Hope your medical issues are improving, or that you’re coping. But I think your woodland is the answer to all that. Have also slowed down on the writing for the time being. But always think I will get back to it one day!

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  6. I think the urge to return to writing is always there on the periphery, Malla. I recently read one of my own books – can you believe that? It sounds a bit sad, doesn’t it, but I hadn’t touched it since publishing it and it came across as something of a ‘new’ read! When I finished it I thought, ‘yeah, I might like to write another book,’ so I’ll never say never. And I think you are right about the woodland . . . it does have a ‘sanctuary’ feel about it sometimes. Lovely to hear from you . . . and good luck with returning to writing again . . . when you decide to xxx


  7. Lol, I do love your writing – it always makes me smile/chuckle/laught-until-the-tears-are-running-down-my-cheeks-threatening-to-flood-my-near-and-not-so-near-neighbours-and-causing-my-sides-to-ache!

    I’m well behind on my garden this year – old age, aches and pains and not enough hours in the days are my excuses but I’m determined to overcome all of these 😀 xx

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  8. Thanks Elaine. I’ve decided to make this my last year with the ‘crafts’ for much the same reasons as you regarding your garden – though to be honest I did say this last year! I haven’t exactly chosen an easy craft, preparing the wood and lugging it about really causes my bones, muscles etc to hurt. Not satisfied with 3 degenerative neck disks my body now has to throw up lower back disc problems. Then there is the pernicious anaemia that causes me to feel totally without energy some days, but like you it won’t get the better of me, I’ll fight it all for as long as I can. The alternative is sitting doing nothing all day and that’s just not me – and frankly I think the old bones would hurt more? I’ll just have to pace myself and get on with it. So . . . I wish you luck with the garden, renewed energy and less aches and pains. Warmer days should be on the horizon! Take care xxx


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