I’m Coming Back!

I’m coming back! No, really I am. Probably not today – and not tomorrow because tomorrow’s my birthday (how the hell did I ever get to be this old and some might say so awkward) so most likely Monday?

That’s Monday then?

See you then x

11 thoughts on “I’m Coming Back!

  1. Yippeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    Gonna need my laughing knickers on (essential after three children I’m afraid) and I must remember not to be drinking my coffee when reading your posts, or I’ll end up choking again 🤣

    Happy birthday btw 🎉🎂🎉

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  2. I did Danny, thank you, a very ‘normal day’ really. My son, D.I.L and two grand children met us at the wood and we had burgers round a fire – not me, obviously, because I don’t eat animals 😀 It was perfect, for me. I’m not a great one for meals out blah blah blah and frankly, I always think birthdays are more of a celebration for the mother that gave you life? Sadly, my mum passed in 1999. Jeez I’m writing a flipping novel here! 😀 x


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