Yeah, right, OK!

Well, as promised, here I am.

It’s Monday and that’s about all I know.

What the hell are blocks?

Why has it all changed/changing? I’ve only been gone a year! What’s a year between friends?

Blocks? Blocks? Bollocks more like . . . I’m going to have to go away and figure this thing out – unless some super-intelligent-life-force can fill me in?



8 thoughts on “Yeah, right, OK!

  1. Lol, you inspired me to write my first post in just over a year and I nearly signed out immediately. Did manage once I’d worked out that I need the Classic Block and that the add media button is the weird camera icon.

    BUT (and this is the bit I think you will like best) if you do the title and then save to draft and then click on the ‘Posts’ option on the admin dashboard sidebar, you can choose to edit your post using the Classic Editor 🙂 None of this block nonsense from now on 😀 x

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  2. Sadly the block is now a fact of life. For most writing it’s pretty easy – when you reach the end of a paragraph, hit Enter and bingo, instant new block. To add a picture, hit Enter, click the + symbol and scroll down the loooooong list of available blocks until you reach ‘Image’ or type the letter ‘i’ in the search box]. Click Image and the rest is the same as before. To move blocks/paragraphs up or down, click the ^ or v arrows on the floating edit menu [the annoying thing that gets in the way all the time]. To delete a block, the easiest way is to click inside the block and press SHIFT ALT Z.

    Unfortunately, more expansive formatting requires a PhD or weeks experimenting with some of the weird and wonderful options now available. Good luck! And welcome back. 🙂

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