The silly bit;

My likes and loves include positive people, cats with attitude, sponge cakes that rise, snails that stay in other gardens and country music.

I am respectful of all creatures – and human beings who have earned it. An extreme Scorpio who never forgets a kindness (or a hurt)

I dislike self-important/pessimistic/ illogical people, broken promises and all forms of cruelty to animals

I share my life with my partner, Richard  (whom for some strange reason appears to accept all of the above!) two chickens and a tabby cat called Chea.

And I firmly believe;

*  What doesn’t destroy you makes you stronger.
*  It is better to say nothing and appear stupid than to speak and remove all doubt.

4 thoughts on “ABOUT ME …

    • Ha ha. Embarrassed? You? Never! My name is Gail Jennifer so people call me Gail, but I use the Jennie bit for my books. Some people call me Jennie now and I’ve become quite used to it. Anything is fine…x


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