Your heart against mine

Steadying the beat

Laying stress low

With your constant purr

Whiskers tickle my cheek

I tickle your ear

You respond

With purrs in overdrive




Back To Nature …


The garden stands abandoned

Its heartbeat slowed by time

 Nettles invade a forgotten sandpit

A see-saw, broken, rotting in the brambles

 Small feet no longer patter, bare

Across cobbles, green with morbid moss

 Weeds, gargantuan, link their arms in defiance

As nature reclaims her own.


Braver Than Me…

I watched from a shifting shoreline

A butterfly over the ocean

Lifting, dropping, on frantic wings

 How brave

How stupid

 Out there, above the liquid blue

 No flowers

No Thistles

No sweet, safe harbour to lay your eggs

 Where are you going?

What madness is this?

Come back. I fear for you.

And yet

I am in awe

You are braver than me

I couldn’t fly for fear of landing

In a place alien, deathly.



I saw my mother today.


There she was

Standing, staring at me


How come?

It’s been eight years since she passed on.


A flicker of a smile


Lifted a little

Lipstick. Applied. Bled


How come?

She used to be so beautiful


And eyes. No sparkle. No life


I raised a hand

Touched her tired face


No recoil

Just cold, hard, mirrored glass.

4 thoughts on “Poems

  1. Wow your poems are so good the way you gently nudge the delicate words together leaving just enough room for the mind to paint its picture, uncluttered and yet screaming volumes. A talent as rare as the Flower of Israel. more please


  2. Jennie, these are indeed so lovely…stating so much, sometimes harsh reality, but with such subtle and softly spoken words (that’s how I hear them). Please do not deprive us of more!

    Liked by 1 person

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