To Bed On The First Meeting?

Hi De Hi

I’m back!  First major decision of the day sorted …waffles and syrup or crumpets and butter? Remember yesterday’s blog when I told you that this bloody head cold/virus/plague thing had taken me over rendering all decision-making hopeless? Well, I can see a little clearer today. Or, at least make a decision regarding waffles or crumpets. The fact that I chose crumpets and butter and that I now feel sick is neither here nor there. I made a decision! Whoop woo!

I shouldn’t really have said that I can see a little clearer today because frankly I can’t. The weird thing is …when I blow my nose, fluid leaks from my left eye. Strange huh? I have self diagnosed and decided I have a blocked tear duct. Either that or I’m leaking. Think I prefer the tear duct theory. Leakage is a horrible word and springs to mind horrible things. Leakage. Dreadful word. And colourful. Very colourful. Always yellowy brown.  Yuck.

So …putting aside leakage and hoping that this bug is gradually releasing my thought processes and decision-making, we go on…

I was just chatting to a friend on Facebook about taking chances. In this particular conversation it regarded taking chances with new people. A potential new relationship. A man! She hinted at the fact that maybe I wouldn’t understand because I have been in a relationship with Richard for 22 years … or something like that. It’s difficult to remember exactly how long it’s been when it’s all been such a blinding hoot! This made me smile because before this long-term relationship I ‘travelled’ freely. An innocent spirit blown here and there. Optimistically journeying on. Well you have to, don’t you? Until you find what you are looking for? I have never been one for accepting situations or people because it was the hassle free option. Because it was easy. Painless. Life, real life, isn’t like that. If you want something you have to go and find it. It’s a cliché’, yes, but it’s true, this isn’t a rehearsal. This is it. Start lacing up those walking boots …

I have come across many people in my lifetime who are scared poohless to take a chance in case they fail. In case they are left with egg on their faces. So what? It’s egg. It won’t kill you. The places that eggs come from might kill you. Trust me, I know! It may hurt your pride. But what’s pride? Something of your own making. It isn’t actually ‘real.’The irony is that the nicest people are scared to start new relationships in case they don’t work out. Because they have been hurt before. Because love hurts. Because it brings you to your knees.

I saw a similar scenario when I was dog grooming. People would bring their much-loved beasties to me and they would chat and tell me all about Fido or Florence and it was so obvious how much they loved their pets. And then, one day, the owner would ring and cancel the appointment because Fido or Florence had passed away. They often said they would NEVER have another dog because the pain of losing was too great. I understand this. I have said the same thing when my little loves died. But these people  SHOULD have dogs. They have so much to give. So much love. If they don’t settle it on a canine where does it go to? I fear it sinks, like leakage, to the bottom of their broken hearts and dies?  Some people should never give up trying to find another love,  canine or human, because they have so much love to give and to receive.

I’m not suggesting that my friend jumps into bed with some guy on the first meeting (unless she wants to of course – live and let live) and I’m not suggesting she should give the guy one of her kidneys on first meeting either, but for her sake, and for the love she has sitting waiting in her heart, I think she should give him a chance. Nothing more. Nothing else. No kidney.

And now, unless she rushes to Amazon to buy one of my books, I’m going to divulge her name …mwahhhh!!! HPIM2851 - Copy

See, my brain is beginning to work? Bribery now kicks in  …


Take care my lovelies x