Two Chucks And A Tabby Cat

Two Chucks and a Tabby Cat

Writing as Jennie Orbell, Gail writes romantic, suspense and contemporary fiction. This is a light-hearted look at Gail’s other, less glamorous (but far funnier) ‘real’ life in Leicestershire with her partner, Richard, two chickens and a tabby cat called Chea!

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

This book is an amazingly funny take on day to day life;
It shows the Author can laugh at herself and sometimes others.
We all take life to seriously and I think the world would be a better place if we saw things the way Jennie does.
The best bits of the book….. there are so many.
1) The budgie and the tree …RIP
2)Schoolkids….the little darlings!!!!!!!
3)The funeral …. Whoops foot In mouth
4) The wet bedsheets …. poor Richard
5) The pooper scooper ….nosey parkerI could go on. I do hope Jennie brings out a sequel to this .I did not stop laughing from beginning to end.I read it in one night as I could not put it down.


Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

Two Chucks is the long awaited blog book from this well loved author. It offers selected entries from Jennie Orbell’s highly popular WordPress blog. The tales provide an insight into the often crazy life of this very funny lady, her two pet chickens and beloved cat Chea.
The author has a true gift for capturing everyday events and transforming them into episodes of mad and extremely funny occurrences. The book catalogues Ms Orbell’s adventures, or more often than not misadventures both domestic and agricultural set deep in the heart of rural Leicestershire. Often her long suffering partner Richard appears, and is frequently on the receiving end of the lady’s ire for some misdemeanour or other with hilarious results.
All in all this is an excellent read and a superb companion by the pool, or on a long journey. However your neighbours may find your occasional outbursts of laughter a bit of an irritation. The only criticism is that we now have to wait for part two.
Truth is stranger than fiction or so it seems in this amusing and sometimes wacky tale of the author’s day to day life, featuring chucks, a cat and a laid-back partner. Gail has a knack of turning the ordinary into the extraordinary and this book makes for a fascinating and entertaining read.
If you enjoy a good chuckle, then this is definitely the one for you.
on 27 August 2015
I have been following Gail’s blog for years. It never fails to bring a laugh to my lips and lighten my day. An honest, often fraught, account of her fight to survive life in Leicestershire, where she seeks to grow crops, save the lives of many endangered species in and around her fruit bushes and to stem the stalking habits of her cat. Amazing!

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