So! Today I’m Not Happy And The World Can Go And Do One!

Hi All

If I were a lesser person I would give up and go and live in a cave in some far and distant land. Thank the Lord that I am not a lesser person, at least, not in the context that I am talking about. I mean, how difficult is it to bid the world to go away for a short time so that I can get on with the second draft of The Sleeping Field?

Today was pencilled in for writing and what happens? I develop an allergic reaction overnight to some obscure moisturiser (not cheap), and I have surfaced this morning looking like The Elephant Man. I have been so itchy that I haven’t slept for a second and consequently my eyes have virtually disappeared behind swollen lids, due to lack of sleep and allergy. I dragged my carcass down the stairs at 1.00 am and took an antihistamine and I needn’t have bothered because it had zero effect. So now, here I am, waiting to go to the doctor, and what’s the betting that I shall bump into everyone that I don’t want to bump into whilst I’m imitating a badly bred Shar Pei!

I may be jumping to the wrong conclusion because, if you remember, a few weeks ago, I started all this itching and scratching and generally ripping off my skin after eating pistachios? Whatever! I do know that this has now screwed up today. Even if I can find the inclination I doubt that I could find the keypad.

And another thing…that bloody super-duper fridge freezer that we ordered three weeks ago this Thursday, was supposed to come today and is it coming? No! Why? Because the morons have lost it. Lost it! How do you lose a frigging fridge freezer? Did it slip out of the container whilst crossing the channel and it is now a landing ramp to a colony of gulls? Did they deliver it, by mistake, to some cute eye-candy guy who had actually only ordered a beer fridge? Idiots! Honestly, one of these days I will actually implode at the stupidity of others. Lost it? You misplace car keys, mobile phones, small change, not a fridge freezer the size of a small house!

Considering I was at the doctor’s yesterday (yes just yesterday!) having my B12 jab, (the jab that saves Richard’s life by turning me back into a well-balanced, non knife wielding sweetie) I’m still feeling very unbalanced, not at all sweet and I’m turning my head towards the knife drawer as I type.

All things considered, and because it is almost appointment time, I’ll go, and if I can stop scratching my face long enough to type, I’ll be back tomorrow. And hopefully the B12 will have flooded my bloodstream by then and I’ll be calm…and nice… and stuff. And those moronic fridge people will have fished-out my fridge from the ocean. I’ll tell you this my friends…if it doesn’t arrive pronto I shall be naming and shaming them on every virtual platform. I’ll teach them not to lose my posh fridge!MB900440679

Take care my lovelies x

12 thoughts on “So! Today I’m Not Happy And The World Can Go And Do One!

  1. aww…some days can be a bit ‘funny’ not in a funny way…hope you are smiling to yourself now and all will be back to normal pretty soon, loads of healing energy to you 🙂 I am sure writing has a therapeutic effect on you, keep smiling (y)


    • Thanks Beata and I think you are right. I’m feeling much better now that I’ve had a strop. Still itching but I’ve cancelled the fridge!! ha ha. xx


    • Thank you Jools. I’ve cancelled the darn fridge. If they can’t deliver it on time it doesn’t say much for their after sales service!! Useless idiots. x


  2. Thank you Susan…and mega chuffed that you like my ‘style of writing,’ because I didn’t realise that I had one! Ha ha. Something positive to start off the day then! Still waiting for the nice, calm feeling though! xx


  3. Reblogged this on jasthinkingaloud and commented:
    Haha…one of my favourite bloggers, Jennie Orbell, says it just the way it is. O.K. perhaps with a generous dash of horseradish but what the jeck, that’s what I love her writing for. I was going to sit and write something on a similar issue but then I read her and decided to kneel and promulgate through her. Read on!


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